AD12 – AD25 series

Stainless Steel panel mount indictors with LED illumination. Specified for DC or AC voltages with IP65-rated protection, the indicators are designed for use in harsh environments. Bezel styles include concave, flat, prominent or chamfer, with various LED types and colours on offer. Available with solder terminals or screw stud.

  • Stainless Steel vandal resistant LED indicators providing IP65 protection
  • Panel mount with a wide choice of bezel types
  • Suitable for 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm & 22mm panel cut-outs
  • Various LED options and colours
  • Solder or screw stud terminals

Designed to be used in a wide variety of applications to indicate that a product is on or functioning, or as a warning signal.

The table below lists a small selection of the available standard options. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us.

Part Number
Cut-out Size
Head Shape
LED Colour
Terminal Type
AD12NF-10Y6.3V 12 mm Flush Yellow 6.3V DC Screw Stud Terminals pdf
AD12NC-2JR3V 12 mm Recessed Red 3V DC Solder Terminals pdf
AD16NC-2JR3V 16 mm Recessed Red 3V DC Solder Terminals pdf
AD16NF-10G220V 16 mm Flush Green 220V AC Screw Stud Terminals pdf
AD19SC-10G3V 19 mm Recessed Green 3 V DC Screw Stud Terminals pdf
AD22SF-10G3V 22 mm Flush Green 3V DC Screw Stud Terminals pdf
AD22SC-2JR110V 22 mm Recessed Red 3V DC Solder Terminals pdf
AD25ST-2JB24V 22 mm Chamfered Blue 24V DC Solder Terminals pdf

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Please refer to or desktop website for more detailed technical details and related information.