Zippy is a switch brand that has been around since the early 1980’s and is relatively well known, also in Europe. A public company listed on the Taiwan stock exchange, Zippy has an outstanding range of snap action microswitches – a genuine expert in their field – that have been designed-in to numerous demanding applications, both in the automotive and industrial sectors. Manufacturing locations in both Taiwan and mainland China provide Zippy with a great deal of flexibility and facilitate the market approach required in a highly competitive area.

Zippy is a market leader and has products in their portfolio to reflect this position. Particularly strong in the area of subminiature and sub-subminiature switches, Zippy offers a 16A-rated subminiature switch, the only manufacturer to do so, as well as a sub-subminiature 5A-rated switch, both of which are UL certified. Historically, Zippy has been very strong in the security sector, where quality, specifically protection against corrosion, and the Quality-Price-Ratio, rank highly on any engineers wish list. In addition to standard products, Zippy has the ability to offer custom solutions based on customer requirements.

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